One of South Africa’s most ambitious engineering and construction projects!

Managed jointly by Transnet Capital Projects and Transnet Pipelines, NMPP project is the single biggest project in Transnet’s capital expenditure investment portfolio​

​Among the biggest multi-product pipelines in the world, and one of the most complex, the NMPP represents cutting-edge innovation in concept, design and implementation – but remains largely unseen by the South African populace, its pipeline system buried well underground over a distance of 715km.

Designed to transport liquid petroleum fuel from Durban to Gauteng and neighbouring regions, the pipeline is expected to deliver significant benefits on numerous levels, including socio-economic and environmental benefits. Without the NMPP, the South African inland region, including the economic heartland of Gauteng, will experience restrictions on the supply of liquid petroleum fuels, as current fuel demand has outstripped current capacity.

Additionally, the NMPP will enable economic growth for the country, while reducing road congestion, road maintenance costs and lower carbon emissions associated with road transport.

Engineered and installed according to international standards and best practices, and fully compliant with South African regulations, the pipeline is a legacy project designed to serve South Africa for decades to come, and will be a strategically important world-class asset for the long term.

Pipeline power facts
12 000: the number of jobs created during construction
555 km: length of the trunk line from Durban to Gauteng
3 million: volume of litres to be pumped per hour once complete
95: the number of wetlands the NMPP cuts through
1.5 km: depth of distance drilled under a busy Gauteng highway
49: the number of main rivers the NMPP crosses​