​​​​​​​​​About the company

Transnet is a State Owned Company (SOC), wholly owned by the Government of the Republic of South Africa and is the custodian of rail, ports and pipelines. We are responsible for enabling the competiveness, growth and development of the South African economy through delivering reliable freight transport and handling services to satisfy customer demand.

Transnet consists of:
Five core Operating Divisions:
Transnet Freight Rail (TFR)
Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA)
Transnet Port Terminals (TPT)
Transnet Engineering (TE)
Transnet Pipelines (TPL)

Three Specialist Units:
Transnet Property (TP)​​​​
Transnet Foundation (TF)
Transnet Group Capital (TGC)

As a leading rail and logistics entity , we are expanding and transforming South Africa’s rail, port and pipeline infrastructure which will result in a significant increase in freight volumes, especially in commodities such as iron ore, coal and manganese. This will also lead to a significant modal shift from road to rail.​

National Ports Authority

Transnet national ports authority is one of five operating divisions of Transnet SOC Ltd...read more

Port Terminals

Transnet port terminals was established in 2000, when Transnet’s then single port division, Portnet, was divided into operations and landlord businesses namely, SAPO (Transnet port terminals) and National Port Authority (TNPA). Since its inception, Transnet port terminals has played a key role in supporting the South African government’s export-led growth strategy...read more


Transnet engineering, an operating division of Transnet SOC Ltd, is the backbone of South Africa’s railway industry with eight product-focused businesses, 150 depots, seven factories and 15, 000 employees countrywide...read more


Transnet pipelines, formerly known as Petronet, the custodian of the country’s strategic pipeline assets, is currently servicing two key industries (fuel and gas) by transporting petroleum and gas products over varying distances. Our business, having been established in 1965, is integral to the well-being of the South African economy...read more

Freight Rail

Transnet freight rail is the largest division of Transnet. It is a world class heavy haul freight rail company that specialises in the transportation of freight. Transnet freight rail has approximately 25 000 employees, who are spread throughout the country...read more


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